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Seasoned and freshly cut logs for sale

Firewood logs
A 1 metre cubed bag of logs this is as a guide only as the logs will arrive loose

Log store delivered and built

Acme Tree Surgery - Log/Mulch Delivery

Due to the popularity of both
the log and mulch sales please
book early to avoid missing out.

Buy local Logs for your woodburner, saving money and the environment.

Our seasoned logs are ideal for open fires and wood burning stoves. Buying from us is probably the greenest option available due to the short distances the wood has to travel to be processed and delivered to your door.

Seasoned firewood is also a great alternative to oil and its ever increasing price.

Logs Our seasoned logs and unseasoned logs are all sourced locally from Sheffield or the surrounding areas. Our timber is not imported from abroad.

Logs Our seasoned logs are cut, split and then dried at our storage facility so they are easy to light and ready for immediate use.

Logs Our local logs are becoming ever more popular with a range of our customers due to the price of oil. Buying our logs is easy and delivery is free within 5 miles of Sheffield city centre.

Save more money by buying green wood and seasoning it yourself

Save even more money by buying uncut unseasoned wood by the van load and cutting/splitting and seasoning the wood yourself. All you need is a little space a saw and an axe!


1 x Van load of mixed unseasoned/uncut wood £60 (Hardwood £85)
All the timber will arrive in manageable sections and will vary from larger rings to smaller sections above 5 inches in diameter and in varying lengths and will be ready for both sawing and splitting.

1 x van load of mixed unseasoned timber rings £90 (Hardwood £120)
All the timber will be sawn to rings of 12 inches or under which will be ready for splitting.

Ready to store and use…

Unseasoned, cut and split:
£60 1m3 - £100 2m3 - £140 3m3
Our unseasoned logs are mixed hard and softwood.

Seasoned, cut and split:  
£90 1m3 -  £150 2m3 - £210 3m3

Our seasoned logs are mixed hard and soft wood and will have been air dried for at least a year. Moisture contents will vary due to the various timbers and the time of year that the tree was cut. Although we aim for around 25 % moisture content, this will vary.

*All prices include delivery to roadside or driveway from our tipper 4x4 truck*

Log stacking and moving service £10 per m3
(subject to availability and distances involved!)

Woodchip delivery £25 per load  including delivery
(approximately 3-5 metres cubed)

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